Reader Feedback

Hi Robert! Enjoyed both of your books in your Vinland series. You have a passion for the richness of the Norse legends that clearly comes out in your writing. The uncertainty that the Norse peoples must have experienced as they saw their old religious pagans ways challenged by the advent of Christianity is felt by the reader...I am an avid reader and writer of historical fiction myself and thoroughly enjoyed your two books. Best to you in reading and writing. Cheers!”

David. Caledon Village, Ontario



I just finished reading both of your books...and truly loved them! Vinland & Ragnarök are both terrific! It took two days to read each book because I was hooked from the start with the story and characters; and found both difficult to put down so I could handle other duties....I want to say that I can't wait until your follow-up book(s) comes out. I will be very excited when that happens...As I read some 200 books a year (primarily non-fiction), many people ask me for recommendations; and I certainly will recommend your books.

Harry. Etobicoke, Ontario


You're also very good at characterization. I quickly came to like Thorfinn, sympathized with Taliriktug, disliked Ari - good job of making even an unpleasant character intriguing, more a flawed human than a "bad guy"; not an easy task, and admired the loyalty of those accompanying Gudrid."

"…it examines a period in history that is rarely chosen for straight historical fiction, and you effectively bring the time and its people to life."

"What really makes this story shine is your gift for description, especially of setting. You draw on all of the senses and use evocative turns of phrase to really make the setting come alive in the reader's mind. A good indication for me of the realism injected into a story through research and adept description is when I come away from a story feeling as though I learned something about the period through reading the novel. I learned quite a few little details about the ancient Norse and the Inuit...And I easily envisioned the cold north Atlantic ice field, Taliriktug's Arctic, the untouched forests, the abandoned Norse settlement that these characters moved through. Very well done!"

Marg Gilks (Scripta-a-Word Services). Paris, Ontario

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“I found Vinland the Beginning so interesting I read it in two days. The detail and description of the characters and settings were extremely well delivered. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend - highly entertaining - I recommend it to all my book loving friends!”

Sandy. Bloomfield, Ontario

Robert, I want to compliment you on your book. I've sailed the North Atlantic in winter and your opening scenario certainly got my attention and carried me into your story. You are a natural story teller and the language flows with deceptive ease. I've never read the Vinland Sagas and have only a superficial awareness but I was impressed time and again by the detail you have worked in. I can't imagine the hours you have spent studying and pouring over your manuscript. It is obviously a labour of love and I hope there will be more."

Ron. Belleville, Ontario

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