Vinland Viking Resurrection

Miðgarð is plunged into chaos. The lands are rife with death. The unborn are dying. While royal heirs strive to secure immortality, the gods are plotting against each other for power and survival.

The blood of families flows across the battlefields. Sons plot patricide to overthrow their fathers. Clans plot against other clans, vying for more land on a dying world in Ragnarök’s twilight.

Thorfinn, Gudrid, and Snorri are journeying home to Grœnlandia when the winds of fate bring Prince Helgi Hundingsbane across their path. He has betrayed his kin, too. He’s fallen in love with a Valkyrie princess betrothed to another.

Óðinn has set into motion events that will profoundly shape humanity. Journey with the Vinlanders as they play a part in the last chronicle ever to be told: Óðinn’s saga.

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