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Vinland Ragnarök: Twi'light of the Gods

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Ragnarök, has begun.
The Jötunn overthrow Asgard, home of the Norse gods, forcing the exodus of its ruler Odin, and members of the house of Æsir. When Loki descends to Vinland to claim power for his Jötunn progeny, Odin must follow.
An assassin’s attack sends Gudrid into premature labour, and when she regains consciousness, she’s horror-stricken to find baby Snorri missing.
A mysterious visitor urges them to journey to Leif’s southern settlement and into the caves at the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia Canada, to seek Snorri—and to stop Loki from acquiring the Gram, the sword of power.
There, Freydis betrays her kin to seize power. The path to the end is paved with blood and sacrifice, and only the gods know what the final outcome will be.